The Vision

As Industrie IT, we feel blessed and honoured. Blessed to be in a position that has afforded us opportunities to work with some of Australia's largest and most prestigious companies in banking, insurance, health, government and retail; delivering wonderful experiences and compelling engineering.

We've had the honour of delivering value to dozens of startups. We host them in the office; and grow them into their own teams and spaces. We love sharing our skills with the community and in turn have shared their successes as well.

Most of all; we feel very lucky to have gone on this journey with talented individuals - that 1% of talent that could have any job they choose - that choose to call Industrie IT their home squad. Everyday, I am driven to continuously provide for them the most interesting, engaging and collegial environment for curious, talented high performers in Sydney and Hong Kong. This is both a blessing and a privilege.

With the graduate program, we hope to pass these blessings forward.

The program was designed by our own graduates, with support from everyone and every level of Industrie IT. The intent is to find, train, support and connect to the leaders of the future. We've already started on this journey; with the program being now in it's third year. If anything, we've been taught just as much by our immensely capable and driven graduates as we've taught them. This is the heart of our vision for the program: we want the curious, the makers and doers and thinkers, the life long learners and teachers and leaders of the future. This is who we are; and this is who we want to call colleagues.

We're here to craft a beginning: a hundred year business in Australia, Hong Kong and beyond. If you're one of our number, we'd love you to come on the journey with us.

Yours in sincerity,


Steven Ma, Director of Agility and Grad Captain

Steven Ma